5D BIM Software


Cost OS is Becoming The Industry Standard for 5D BIM

“I was very impressed with CostOS the first time I saw it and the more I have seen the more impressed I have become. It is a truly innovative cost estimating interface to BIM, which will integrate cost (the so called 5th dimension) to a project BIM. We are therefore delighted that the BCIS resource cost database will be available to work with CostOS. This initiative is part of our endeavour to make all our price and cost data available in BIM friendly format”

– Joe Martin, Executive Director ,BCIS, RICS

Cost led procurement, cost led design, carbon savings and lifetime cost savings are at the heart of the business case for using BIM.

Cost OS uses relational resource databases to store historical data, in particular:

  • Material
  • Labour
  • Equipment
  • Subcontractor
  • Consumables

There is always a relationship between resources and costs and this relationship is captured in an easy to use Relational Resource Cost Database.

Using the best 5D cost management tools is essential to navigating around BIM projects and keeping track of all the factors that impact on costs.

Cost OS has a variety of features, some examples include:

  • Synchronisation with 3D models to keep track of variations
  • Synchronisation with project programme to create time specific costs and structured work break down components
  • Enabling data categorisation and data analysis
  • Importing and exporting data to excel to facilitate supplier pricing or tendering
  • Importing and exporting of databases from existing projects or from online services such as BCIS
  • Creation of Bills of Quantities
  • Cross coding against measurement rules and other required data sets
  • Creating estimates and cost plans